Our Last Decade

We are keenly aware that Capturing Courage International Ministries is transitioning from 10-years of international focus. In that time we have ministered and experienced the body of Christ in 6 countries, through 18 ministry trips to some 350 churches. Everywhere folks wanted more of what we were bringing. And so, College of Capturing Courage was called out of us. It took 5.5 years to write and 4.5 years to establish its infrastructure, resulting as a full-year course for pastors and lay-leaders. It comes with certificates, a diploma, and a degree, depending on what extent folks want to engage it. 

This course is being used by bishops to train pastors. It’s online availability is nearly complete. And it’s point person, Michele, is settling in well as the one to answer questions and to assist in the understanding of requirements along the way. With Moses, our East Africa College director, solidly at his post there, on the ground assisting with those using the course and advancing through its levels.

While we continue with the many invitations this course is our primary presence internationally and the catalyst for the teachings and principles that with the power of Holy Spirit yields much change of heart, maturity, and spiritual renewal. Now, we are spurred to establish Capturing Courage Canada. We have been hosted by hundreds of folks. Now we want to host hundreds of folks. 

We’ve taught thousands of hours overseas. Now we’d like a spot to gather and learn, teach, heal, and be made increasingly whole, together here in Canada. And perhaps even host the international community one day! We’ve established College of Capturing Courage internationally. Now, it’s time to take our next (rough) curriculum, Church Era to Kingdom Era, and test out its thinking, play with its parts, and actualize easily duplicable Jesus Meetings, here at home but also ultimately in answer to the continued requests for a Capturing Courage ministry model overseas. 

We’ve had many invitations and now we are glad to see the possibility of making many invitations. We’ve been facilitating healing and wholeness internationally and now we are glad to be intentional and faithful to do this same thing at home. We are wrapping up bits on the last 10 years and taking steps towards the next decade.


Published by Cyndy Lavoie

Founding and Executive Director at Capturing Courage International Ministries.

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