Manner & Way at Capturing Courage

At Capturing Courage Canada we are, for the first time, looking to establish a base, a location, by which we can host the body of Christ both locally and abroad.

Initially this came to us as a seed-thought from the Lord deep into our spirits, “Let’s establish a House of Prayer.”

We have sat with this thought for a few years now. Testing to see if it was of the Lord. And waiting to have Holy Spirit fill out the thinking and sense of things.

We are now glad to be putting some feet to the ground and some actions to faith.

We have three things upon which to go forward:

1. As a House of Prayer.

2. Established upon an ancient well of the Spirit.

3. On Vancouver Island, the west coast of Canada.

As with all the previous two decades of the Lord directing our steps, we don’t really know anything further than this!

But we are taking some months to spy out the land, to take a spiritual inventory, and to discern where the Lord may have us settle.

We value your heart and prayers alongside us as we move forward in trust and anticipation.

We shall see how the Lord leads! And what comes to be in due time.

I’m posting one or two time per week about this journey. If you want to tuck in close to this head to our front page, scroll to the bottom and write your email address into the space ‘Join our Testimony & Prayer’. Then click the ‘Sign Up’ button. A confirmation email will come to your inbox. Follow those instructions and you are good to go with receiving real time journey and way unto a Capturing Courage Canada – A House of Prayer.


Capturing Courage International Ministries holds to the following commitments:

These are the basis by which we filter all invitations and potential future movement:

1. Led by the Spirit

  • not according to the programs of men

At Capturing Courage we have learned that our effort brings 1/10th of what God brings. We no longer go after our own good ideas! Rather, we move according to the direction of the Spirit of God. We wait on the timing of God and make plans in accord with the Holy Spirit. We are both nimble and obedient.

2. Simplicity

  • leaving no physical evidence

At Capturing Courage we have a mandate that stretches out over decades, cultures, and generations. Therefore, we do the work we are called to do in the simplest way possible. We are not so concerned with external structures but with Internal transformations.

3. Sustainability

  • across communities and years

Movements have exponential increase within them. Much of our work has experienced a phenomenon level. We therefore keep a close eye on all decisions, manner, and way, to ensure this work can continue across many communities and years.

4. Fellowship

  • alongside the people

The ministry of Capturing Courage is completely built upon relationships. If we break trust there is no ministry. We do not think (so much) in terms of actions but rather, in interactions. We understand that healing and wholeness comes through the body of Christ together.

5. Resting in the Manna 

  • we rest in the manna.

We have learned that provision matches intention. We therefore put our efforts on agreement with the Lord’s heart and dreams. All that is needed comes at the right time. Manna thinking enters us squarely into a kingdom of God kind of living. The Lord refuses our striving but blesses our resting.

6. As a Movement  

  • grass-roots.

We have learned that stewarding a movement is different than building an organization. Without heavy oversight we are able to equip and empower any who want to participate, out to the edges. Instead of a centrally organized hierarchy, we challenge folks with their freedom, giving invitation to duplicate this thing of the Lord wherever they are.

7. Apostolic  

  • calling forth the body of Christ.

With a deep listening, solid abiding, a showing up, and with boldness unto radical obedience we are hosting the Lord and each other. We are making God known and preparing the Bride for Christ.

8. Duplicable  

  • able to be duplicated.

We have a conviction to host the Lord and each other in a way that is duplicable by any who might have a heart to gaze upon Christ. Through the years we have shunned requests to excessively large things, to be a denomination, to have many churches under us; we are not interested in oversight. Rather, our focus is to become the kind of people that God is glad to breathe through. Every one of us wherever we may be.