We’ve had a number of ideas around a House of Prayer. Is this a place for gathering in groups, hosting conferences or training times, how to pray for nations maybe? Perhaps we host week-long inner-healing intensives for small numbers of folks. Maybe we fly-in pastors and their wives from the majority world for three-weeks atContinue reading “Hosting”


A Birthright of Prayer

It was back in 2013, late in the year, that I was in Mozambique for a few weeks time. That was my fourth ministry trip, having been to Uganda three-times the previous years. I landed after a long travel upon which we began to travel even more. Mozambique is a big country and our eight-hoursContinue reading “A Birthright of Prayer”

Our Last Decade

We are keenly aware that Capturing Courage International Ministries is transitioning from 10-years of international focus. In that time we have ministered and experienced the body of Christ in 6 countries, through 18 ministry trips to some 350 churches. Everywhere folks wanted more of what we were bringing. And so, College of Capturing Courage wasContinue reading “Our Last Decade”