By Prophecy & Prayer

Capturing Courage International Ministries has been led by prophecy and prayer all the years. You can find our long history HERE. Capturing Courage is primarily a prophetic and apostolic work. Meaning, the impact of the Lord flows out as a function of intimacy with him, rather than as a function of projects.

The Lord is always downloading vision and imagery, of thoughts and feelings about what might be. He does this across us, as capturing courage team. These words also come to us as a function of the international body of Christ. And in the last week or so a few very significant, spot-on for us, prophetic words have come to our attention. Consider:

From Lana Vawser: “The Lord showed me there was a deeper understanding and awakening taking place in the body of Christ of the reality of “Home in Him”. It was a deep burning revelation of communion and oneness with Him. It was the John 15 place of abiding in the vine. It was a place of finding deeper rest, peace, security, safety, life and strength in Him. It was an even deeper awakening to Jesus being the root and source of lives. It was a deeper baptism in the fire of His love (Ephesians 3:15-20) that all other ‘loves’ before Him, all other ‘idols’ were being cast aside as there was a deep returning to “home”, the place of first love. … READ MORE.

And from Nate Johnston: “For six months now I keep hearing the Lord speak to me about an establishing of eagles nests for the prophetic pioneers but just a few days ago I heard it again and I knew I had to share what I feel the Lord is saying. What is an eagles nest? It’s a place of establishing, strengthening, support, rest, empowering, and family. It’s a place of developing deeper foundations, being rooted, surrounded, and refueled to go out from. I believe God is not leading pioneers to their next assignment as much as He is leading them to their people. … READ MORE

These words are deep confirmation to our spirits at this time. I am hunkered in at home at my dads. House of Prayer is all about hosting the glory of the Lord. Our lives, all our lives, are seed gifts in the hands of almighty God who is faithful to gently guide us forward.

The Lord is always communicating to us as people. May we have ears to hear and hearts to understand! Yes, Lord. We want to hear from you. Lead us. We love you. We trust you. And we know you to be good. Be the love and the fire in our lives. Purify our intentions. Make new our hearts. We depend on you God.


Published by Cyndy Lavoie

Founding and Executive Director at Capturing Courage International Ministries.

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