The Lord is Gathering Us

It’s been quite the week. How might I share? 

One week ago today, Monday as I post this, we moved from one campsite to another. It turns out a bit of a miracle that we landed in this particular campsite, a circuitous route that over a few days had felt like things weren’t working out! Ha.

Here is what we found and what found us. 

We arrived about 11 am in the morning. Normal kind of arriving time. We were welcomed by the lady of the land (hubby was off at a prayer meeting), whom had only recently made portions of their property available for campers to stay, (two weeks recently, to be exact). We found our spot and set up our tent and cooking area. Chairs out. Beds made. 

We had booked this camping location through a central camping hub that required that I register through Facebook, purposefully giving the owners of the land access to my profile. This ensures that I was the kind of person that they wanted on their land; in this way every camper is vetted before a registration is secured. 

Consequently, in the midst of our confirmation emails and texts I received, “I’ve had a look at your work and website! Looks like a great ministry. I’m looking forward to hearing more.” This had been our first clue that perhaps the folks, on whose land we were going to camp, were Christians. 

The fellow of the land came to find us as we were completing our set up. Really nice folks. After a bit of introduction and checking in that we were fine and what we might want, he said, “I’ve already been telling folks all about Capturing Courage!” I laughed! Big belly chuckle. We proceeded to talk further about who we are and what we do at Capturing Courage International Ministries. 

I also shared that I am three-months on the island searching out an ancient well of the spirit upon which to establish a future House of Prayer. 

In the excitement of this news he shared that just the day prior a couple from eastern Canada had arrived. And, were also camping on their land. In direct obedience to the Lord’s direction, “Go West” all the way to Vancouver Island. Wow, interesting!  

About an hour later he arrived back to ask me a question, “We have been invited to dinner tonight along with the other couple, but we are too tired to go. Would you be interested in going in our place and taking the (eastern Canadian) couple with?” 

Now, a few things. 1. I am used to being in hundreds of homes of folks I’ve only just met. 2. The Lord has made it clear that this unfolding of a House of Prayer is to be public and not hidden. 3. I have expected for Holy Spirit to connect me with those on the island who have already, and for some time, been holding prayer and revival and awakening within themselves and for regions and communities.

“Yes, I would love to go to dinner.” 

Shortly after 5pm myself and the couple from eastern Canada, having just met, set off for dinner. 

Okay, this is a bit of a long story. I’ll try to condense it. Long story short, we had a God-speed evening. They wanted to hear all about Capturing Courage and a House of Prayer. Pastor and congregants and prayer warriors. Phew. We were all so blessed as the Lord met us. Prayers happened. Tears welled. Deep satisfaction of fellowship ensued. 

Then, this happened Wednesday evening over another dinner, AND at their regular Thursday evening prayer evening. Along with a few in-between visits with the folks on whose land we were camping. I found a people who have been contending for revival for some long time. Bearing this burden and longing in their hearts and minds, spirits turned toward the Lord. 

God is gathering his prophets! I’ve been told that there are others that I ‘need to connect with’ in this community and that area and other regions. 

Not only did I arrive because God said, “Go to Vancouver Island”, but the couple from eastern Canada arrived because God said, “Go to Vancouver Island”, and then too, another gal from one of the prairie provinces had also arrived to the same area because God said to her, “Go to Vancouver Island.” I learned of her testimony, heard it myself, on Thursday evening. 

And there we all were, gathered with a church, a beautiful people, that has been focussing on prayer, longing for more of the Lord, holding that community and region before the Lord for healing and wholeness in God. 

By the end of Thursday evening I was struck, “God is up to something! I do not want to miss out on this!” 

Now, I knew something was and is coming. I’ve felt the Lord pressing upon us, preparing to break through with something we’ve never known before, for more than one year. It is why a journey to seek out a future place for a House of Prayer has made complete sense to me. 

There is more to this past week. But this is enough for today. The Lord confirmed and reminded me of a number of things. We are more clear on the exact work of a House of Prayer, the space we will hold and steward in the Lord. 

It is simple, elegant, exactly it. And will continue to allow the unfolding of the Lord, the nimbleness of the Spirit upon us, following the heart of God and whatever he might do within us, for us, and through us. Perhaps this is what I’ll try to put words to, for next week’s post. 

Yes Lord! Thank you for the invitation and opportunity to partner with you. We bless you this day and all the days of our lives. With all glory and honor to you God. We love you. We trust you. And we know you to be good. Amen and amen. 

Thank you to each of you who are prayerfully and financially partnering with us at Capturing Courage. What a blessing as you give us courage. Bless you. 


Published by Cyndy Lavoie

Founding and Executive Director at Capturing Courage International Ministries.

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