Led by Prophecy & Prayer

A prophetic word came through this week. A serious part of the considering of these thoughts and directions that seem to come from the Lord, is to ask, ‘Is there a confirming word/s along the way?’ At Capturing Courage we watch for these. Not from those we know per se, but from out of the blue.

Way back, the week after I decided to give up my apartment (to not renew it’s lease) and to embark on a ministry time on Vancouver Island, this prophetic word came:

All through the years there have been prophetic words from those we do not know, from across the earth, within an exact timing of the Lord and our hearts. Capturing Courage has moved forward by the instructions and encouragements found via the prophetic and via prayer.

We don’t sit around a board room coming up with ideas to implement. We are not driving forward on programs of any sort. We are called to steward the glory of God! And this is done in relationship with Holy Spirit, in sober fear of the Lord, and in glad-hearted joy and worship of the ONE who loves.

This last week a friend posted this, just released:


“Many years ago I had a dream that I have never shared publically,  and I felt to share it now.

In the dream I was walking with Jesus across a field. We eventually came to a dome like structure with no walls- just a roof. Within this dome was a round pool that was smallish, but was very very deep.

But the water was dirty. You could see from the color there was a lot of mud, that this pool did not have a tiled floor but was rather cut right into the ground.

As Jesus and I are standing by the edge he looks at me and says “get in”.

Now, I really didn’t want to. It looked cold and dirty. But because it was Jesus asking I got in.

I didn’t like it, I felt cold and uncomfortable. 

Then he said “Dive to the bottom to get the gold”. 

Now I actually doubted there was any gold in this pool. But because Jesus asked, I dived down to the bottom, touched the ground a little, found nothing so swam back  and popped my head back out of the water to find Jesus.

“Look again”. He said. I was so confused. Surely there was nothing here in this horrible mud infested pool! It felt so slimy between my fingers. But because it was Jesus asking I swam down to the floor of this pool again.

This time I dug a little deeper into the soft, brown sludge. I stopped worrying about getting dirty. All of the sudden I could feel rocks. I didn’t know what they were but I grabbed them tightly and swam to the surface once more.

I opened my hands and tried to wash away the mud. There, in my hands were nuggets of gold. Not only in my hands, but the movement I had created in stirring the waters had created streams of gold right throughout the water! I looked in surprise at Jesus, he smiled. He knew it was there even when I did not. 

I believe today, the Lord wants you to know that what seems like mud, that seems uncomfortable, if you are not afraid to get your hands dirty and dig a little deeper you are going to find the treasures of heaven. Not just personally but for your nation.

STOP JUST SWIMMING IN THE MUD – it is time to dig the wells of intercession. 

What feels unclear is going to be made clear. 

I believe the pool to be a well of intercession. He is calling us to to go deeper. And not just skim the surface as we pray, but go deep. We may not see initially- but the gold will be there. 

It’s going to feel hopeless sometimes.

When it does, keep digging.

It’s going to feel uncomfortable- keep digging.

There is a call to intercession in this hour – that’s where the gold is – that’s where the solution is.

We are not hopeless. We are not without the Lords help. It’s time to go deeper. 

I declare over our nations today prophetic solutions for political and personal breakthrough like we have never seen before! Nothing will be hidden- all will be revealed as we intercede and not pull back. Let’s go deep and get our hands dirty in the ancient wells of prayer.” Roma Waterman

A House of Prayer, On Vancouver Island, on an Ancient Well of the Spirit.

Yes Lord, Yes.


Published by Cyndy Lavoie

Founding and Executive Director at Capturing Courage International Ministries.

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