Praying Across Canada 2022

I am nearing one-week into a month’s-long journey, Praying Across Canada. The compelling of the Lord unto prayer, a common lament within an identification with the sins of our land and people, have been upon me for a few weeks now.

I do not understand prayer to be, ‘Please God do such and such’. Rather, I understand prayer to be a commitment of self in agreement with God, according to the Lord’s heart, and in manner of alignment unto righteousness and holiness.

We come on the inside and identify with the sins that continue to bind.

In this, God has been showing me my own sins. I realize that I have jealousy within myself. I never knew this before. The Lord also revealed to me that I’ve been complicit within a generational stronghold of my awe (worship) as to money.

To come into prayer for communities and nations first demands, spiritual authority, safety in the Lord, and the need for skin in the game, indeed, a repentant heart willing to look and to realize where we too, are still in active sin.

There is no way around this. None of us are without sin. It may not be active wrong-doing as we traditionally think about sin, but our hearts are a mixed-bag of motives, false assumptions, paradigms that direct our lives with their lies. And more.

If we want holiness in the land we must first be willing for holiness to overtake us personally. This has been what the Lord is doing with me in these early days of this ministry journey.

We must understand that revelation of sin is a gift from God. For it is only in the presence of God with the unfolding of our hearts together (God and You) that it dawns on us where we are still stuck unto sin and death. This is holy encounter with our living Lord.

Only God knows the secrets of our hearts. And God is glad to share with us the state of our inner beings. It is a deep intimacy for which we are often afraid, but which in fact, gives life.

So, we come before the Lord and inquire, “God, tell me my sin. Reveal to me where I may have a change of heart and mind. Bring me into your holiness. Encompass me with your righteousness. Increase my heart for the things, manner and way, of you God. With all glory to You. Amen”


I’ll be sharing a bit every day about this journey and the Lord’s compelling of prayer for Canada. There will be this sharing across all of my platforms. At, at (our house of prayer website where you are currently reading this), at, on my YouTube channel cyndylavoie, via my newsletter (use the‘contact’ page to let me know you want to be on this list), on Facebook (follow me cyndylavoie, as my capturing courage page was deleted by FB, because I wrote some thing about prayer!). The plan is that each one of these will have something on a weekly basis. To financially partner with Praying Across Canada head to our GIVE page over on Capturing Courage International Ministries.


Published by Cyndy Lavoie

Founding and Executive Director at Capturing Courage International Ministries.

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