In Prayer

There is a basic strategy of spiritual authority within the Kingdom of God that we have learned at Capturing Courage. It begins with the principles:

  1. Hungering for More of the Lord.
  2. Coming on the Inside.
  3. Identifying with the Sins of a Region or Nation.
  4. Taking Responsibility, Confession & Repentance, of that Sin.
  5. Praying it Through to Releasing.

First: Prayer is best affected by those hungry for the Lord. This begins personally. Do you and I want more of God? Or are we content, thank you very much, with our awareness and experience of God to date. Hunger is important. Longing is key. A holy dissatisfaction with the current state of our hearts (and lands) is primary. Do we realize that there is so much more of God to enjoy and to be had, realized and understood?

Second: Do we stand on the outside of trouble and point the finger in condemnation and accusation? Or, do we realize that their sin is our sin. Are we able to stand in the midst of the trouble, investing heart, mind, and self, unto a solution? To stand apart is to miscalculate the exact strategy that God used to secure our salvation. Christ came on the inside. We too, are to learn this by heart.

Third: Because, to loose off the trouble, to unbind folks from their sin, to secure breaths of the Spirit over entire regions, we must be willing to identify with their sin. This, of course, can only happen as we have identified our own sin, having allowed the Lord to convict us, to change our hearts. THEN, we are well positioned to, in fact, pray the kinds of prayers that heal nations.

Fourth: We do this by taking responsibility for the sins at the core of any trouble. We look below the surface and we take up solidarity with those for whom truth has been eclipsed. We defend people to God rather than accusing people to God. This is the heart-stance and action of those who have been caught by God for themselves, and have a longing, a hunger, that all others, even our enemies, would find God in the same way.

Fifth: “God, we lift this community (named) to you. We sense a spirit of witchcraft over the area. It feels quite dark and heavy. Thank you for giving us the ability to sense this. Lord, what might be at the core of this witchcraft? Ah, power, (manipulation, and control). Yes, indeed. Well God, as I lift this community to you I confess that the need for power, is our sin. I too have known this sin. Their sin is my sin. (confession)

I repent of this ploy to do life outside of a knowledge and a trust in you, apart from you, we are sorry, (repentance) and today I say no more to power (manipulation and control) and its spirit of witchcraft. (renouncing)

I reach into the past of this community (named) with the strong arm of my Lord Jesus Christ. And where power and a spirit of witchcraft first took root, I uproot it, carefully and completely, leaving nothing behind. I unwind the chains of witchcraft from off of this community (named) and I declare severed every single link of every chain in the name and the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. (break)

We cancel all authority, assignments, and curses of the enemy that have been in and over and through this community (named) and its people, rendering all this null and void, impotent to effect any longer, in the name and the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. No more! All and everything of a spirit of witchcraft must go this day to the place where the true living Lord Jesus Christ chooses it to go. (cancel)

What might you have for this community instead, God?

Ah, life abundant. Yes God, yes. We receive from you God, life and life abundant for this community and all her peoples. And where there has been a spirit of witchcraft we pour in your goodness God. (claim)

We remit sins of power, manipulation, and control, and we pour in the Goodness of God unto this community (named) and her people, in the name and the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.” (seal)

At Capturing Courage, we have been taught this inner healing prayer process over the last two decades. We use it for our own freedom and healing, doing business with the Lord personally and intentionally. And then we use it as we come on the inside in prayer for the freedom and healing of family, churches, communities, regions, and nations. We agree with God about our sin. Then we agree with God about our healing. And we are made new.

I recently wrote a post at Capturing Courage website about Centres of Gravity, the core strengths that are at the heart of this movement of the Lord that we are stewarding. Find it here:

Blessings to you this day.


Published by Cyndy Lavoie

Founding and Executive Director at Capturing Courage International Ministries.

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