Never the Same

It has become strong in my spirit that a House of Prayer must host the Lord in such a way, with a hunger for God and God only, with a face like flint toward the Lord, with hearts that have little compulsion for things of the world, with a focus and a love that calls forth the Love and Goodness of God for all peoples, that we are either drawn to this light or repelled by it. Broken open by the hand of our Lord.

A House of Prayer must be a people ready unto confession and repentance for their community, region, and nation. A people already learned in coming on the inside, refusing to stand on the outside in accusation, but ready, willing, understanding, the great power in repentance for our sins; we take on the sins round about as though they are our own (and often they are) and bring them from the dominion of satan and into the Kingdom of God, whereby all things are made new.

It is the action and manner by which the crippling effects of sin and death within our communities and upon our neighbours are loosed of their impact, thwarted of their authority, where sins are remitted and the goodness of God pours in; love covering a multitude of sins, where tears are dried, and God has the last say.

A House of Prayer is serious work. Holy business. Sober judgement. With hearts ready to hear the Lord, to inhabit and to be inhabited by God. Naturally, our hearts quake at this. But with years of practice, of seeking the Lord, of obedience, of courage, of coming to understand things that only God can show, we are glad to be before the Lord in this way.

We take courage to see God like we have not seen him before. And we take courage to be seen by God afresh, heart and soul naked before him. Habits of Prayer purges us of our sins. Our motives are tested and revealed. Our love is brought into account. Our days are laid out before us. And only in great humility do we find great grace. For God does business with us first and foremost.

We pour out our sins before the Lord. His presence commands it. We cannot escape. We are caught by God. His goodness pours in. Tears pour out. A great shift within our hearts and minds occurs! We are surprised. Refreshed. Glad-hearted. In awe.

And the Spirit of God pours forth. Leaking out from the hem of our robes. Clothed in the glory of the Lord. Astounded. Purified. Made Holy. Shone through with light. Brought to our knees. Worship. Honour. Glory. To the one true God of heaven and of earth, and of our lives.

We are never the same.

We love you Lord. We trust You. And we know YOU to be GOOD.

We bless your name today, God. Amen and amen.


Published by Cyndy Lavoie

Founding and Executive Director at Capturing Courage International Ministries.

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