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There is this thing the Lord does through me that I have known about for nearly twenty years now. I do not recall how I realized this but it is an old familiar understanding and has become a solid part of the strategy of God through my life. 

The Lord tells me where to go and be. It may be any kind of place or event, home or church, region or country. There can be a certain sense of timing, that I am to go and be in this or that place for an afternoon, a month or more, a season even. 

And while I am standing or walking, traipsing or visiting, abiding or ministering, the Lord sheds out through and off of me unto a particular preparation towards the healing of lives, a transformation of hearts and minds, and a tilling of the soil so to speak, unto wholeness. 

I don’t know how God does this. Or why this is what he does through me. But I’ve been aware and obedient to his directions and instructions because I came to understand some decades ago that it matters, my obedience to the Lord. It makes a difference for others. 

I would describe this as the prophetic part of my spiritual gifting. You know, the Lord told the prophets in the Old Testament some pretty strange things, “Lay on your left side and put the sin of the house of Israel upon yourself. You are to bear their sin for the number of days you lie on your side.” Ezekiel 4:4, for instance. 

The widow is told to collect jars from everyone she can. Jesus turns water into wine and walks on water. Peter too, for a bit. Elisha runs very fast for a very long way, and is fed by ravens after fire from heaven burns up the sacrifice saturated in water. Five small loaves and two fish turn into a meal fit for over five-thousand people with twelve baskets of bread to spare. And such. And more. 

So, I suppose that if God uses me and my being in a place, feet on the ground, tires on a road, to prepare a region for a healing, a transformation, and a wholeness, then who am I to argue?! Or to doubt. It’s these sidelong glances, what we perceive out of the corner of the eye, that might trick our senses, but often have more weight and correctness than we might imagine; it is good to obey the Lord in what we do not understand. 

All this to say, I’ve been on this camping, road, and ministry trip for 8+ weeks. In just a couple of weeks, I’ll be back on the mainland visiting my dad and the family there for a bit of time. But not for very long. 

When I began this journey with the Lord I didn’t know what would come next. The point of the weeks were to ascertain, to sense, to determine, where an ancient well of the Spirit may be. An ancient well of the Spirit upon which we are to establish a house of prayer. And this, seems to have been accomplished. We have sensed a place that has, from what I can tell, a strong presence of an ancient well of the Spirit. 

So, what next? 

Well, we take our time. We inquire of the Lord. We pause and seek God’s further instructions. I intend to think long and hard, having already begun this, about the manner and way of how the Lord would have this house of prayer operate. There is a certain abiding, an inhabiting, a stewarding of forward movement, decisions, and priorities in the Lord, to seek out that we may walk in obedience and the utmost of yielded hearts and lives. 

We have not embarked on a project. We are determining to represent God’s heart in the very fabric, sinew and fibre, of a house of prayer. We open our very lives to this and to God in ways as yet unfamiliar but keen to discern and give our lives to. 

And what has this week come clear, is that I am going to continue in camping mode over the winter, here on Vancouver Island. Personally, as on every ministry trip in the past, I am stronger, healthier, and have a profoundly glad heart. I’m sleeping better, my stamina is greater, and I’ve not been sad for this entire eight weeks. 

Furthermore, I feel that I have escaped my nice apartment. Escaped the dull numbing of suburbia, its comforts and its ease. “Why would I go back again, to that?!” Is the query running through my being this last week. And so, I’ll be refitting my car, exchanging my big tent for a little one, buying a battery for heat of some sort. Other odds and ends, and making my way back to the island per the Lord’s explicit directions. 

That traipsing thing, where God prepares a land for a healing, a transformation, and for wholeness in him, we will call phase II. Phase I, seek out an ancient well of the Spirit, has been accomplished. Phase II, invest oneself in a land, seek the heartbeat and the cries evident from community to community. Abide for a time. Settle in. 

I am quite delighted. I might get too cold. The Lord may interrupt me with a house of prayer, gifted and handed over, keys in hand. I might change my mind. The Lord might change my mind. But we have a plan and I’ll work the plan until the Lord says, “Okay, that’s good.” 

Meanwhile, I have a couple of weeks to finish off. Today I am in the Cowichan valley. Next week too, I am hoping. Seeing areas I’ve not yet seen. Abiding in place but mostly in the Lord. I find it hard to believe that these weeks are nearly over. We give all glory and honour to the Lord most high, maker of heaven and of earth. We look to the Lord in all things. We say yes and amen! 

Thank you God! We bless your name. We love you. We trust you. And we know you to be good. It is such a pleasure to be partnering with you God. Thank you for inviting us. 


Published by Cyndy Lavoie

Founding and Executive Director at Capturing Courage International Ministries.

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