Home & Ministry Base :: Canada

A House of Prayer. It was Monday. I was driving to my destination. Nearly there but I took a small detour. The name of a town and place I’d not yet explored caught my attention. With only a few minutes off of the main road I found myself in a quaint community.

I drove around. Stopped. Got out. Walked the dog.

Drove around some more. And passed by a small store-front on the main drag through the middle of town. The entire town had rung out to me and this store-front, for rent, stood out even more. Drew me in. Called our name.

Okay, a bit exaggerated. But, maybe not. It really did stand out.

I’ve been on Vancouver Island now for six weeks. Camping and driving from location to location. Most places feel flat. Some are lovely and I’ve a thrill in my being for the beauty of the place. But this small town held something further and more.

In many ways, seeking out a location for a House of Prayer is a process of compare and contrast. We cannot always discern what might be unless we have had the flat, dull, non-responsive areas already passed through.

Interestingly, we had a thought, a prophetic sense we could call it, last fall 2020, about a House of Prayer being a store-front. Something about being public, going public. Something about being available and open, for people. And something about declaring our presence here in Canada.

It had been spring 2019 when a long-standing friend of myself and of Capturing Courage International Ministries inquired of me, “Cyndy, when is Capturing Courage going to be here in Canada and for Canada?”

So, a store-front. For rent. Available. Ready. So it would seem.

But what does this mean? We don’t know!

Maybe we are only to entertain the store-front notion. Who do we want to be as a house of prayer in Canada? How do we want to operate, to show up, to invest ourselves? What might the Lord want to do with us and through us and how and when and why and where? Lots of questions.

It’s been a few days now since I first saw this little store-front possibility. The curious inquiry that has resulted is not ebbing away by any means. I’m having quirky conversations with Holy Spirit, “Lord?” And I’ve been thinking about what is in our hands and what is not in our hands. What are we ready for? How are we to begin.

We don’t know. But we do know that the Lord compels and when so, we will take some action. Write an email. Make a phone call. Maybe even put a deposit on a rental. Find a home. Move.

In the meantime we are checking our hearts. Setting down all resistance. Endeavouring to give a continued and great ‘yes’ to the Lord. No matter what or where or when or how. God, have your way with us! We wait on you.


Published by Cyndy Lavoie

Founding and Executive Director at Capturing Courage International Ministries.

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