To the Island

It is interesting that direction can also be by process of elimination. We boarded the ferry early Saturday morning. Arriving, we drove to our destination, a beautiful little campsite on the edge of a river. The remainder of our first day was spent setting up tent, establishing the location of the washroom, perusing and choosing our food for the evening, teaching the dog to NOT bark at every single person, and becoming comfortable amongst the other campers. It was a good and beautiful day. 

Sunday, after a very good nights sleep, had us up fairly early, wide awake and glad to be at the start of a new day. More than six-months ago there had been a house for sale, here in this exact town that had looked like a possibility, the kind of place to possibly inhabit as a house of prayer. 

The uppermost thing in mind for a house of prayer, the initial thought some 2.5 years ago, was the ability to host pastors from overseas. How great it would be for three-weeks at a time, to be pouring in, refreshing, encouraging, and in fellowship of the Lord together. Capturing Courage has been hosted by hundreds of pastors, we would now like to host hundreds of pastors. 

And this spot and location, a particular house large enough to host some 6-10 pastors at a time, has been on mind and heart for some months. So, we went to look at it. 

Most interesting. I knew that the Lord was having us begin here in this place and near to this home to either 1. Confirm that this is the place and to hold out for it, or 2. To remove it from our thinking and to cross it off as a possibility. 

We found the street, identified the house, and slowly drove past it. Not once, but four times. 

After comparing notes my personal aide and I both knew these things: 

  1. On the first drive-by there was a distinct flat nothing within. No resonance. No ‘yes’ at all. Just a flat blah. Well, that is useful. Immediately, this told us it was not the place. 
  1. But most interestingly was the sense that the house is TOO SMALL. Both my P.A. and I had this thought strong on our spirit independent of each other. I was very surprised by this! it was the last thing I would have expected. 

This is quite something, as it is a big home. Very big. You know, once you begin looking for a home that has 5-7 bedrooms we end up perusing very big homes. The real-estate listing back when said it was some 8000 sq. feet. That is big. 

But, looking at it in person, and knowing the floor plan inside (from video and photos) the sense was, “This is too small”. Okay Lord! Okay. Never expected that. 

  1. Then, a distinct sense of the Lord saying, “I have something better for the house of prayer.” Now, ‘better’ is hard to figure out. By what standard? Maybe layout, perhaps design, space maybe, outdoor area perhaps, location on the island, size of rooms, number of bathrooms … Any numbers of things could account for ‘better’. We leave that open! 

Mostly, in this is a surrender. Okay Lord. We go with what you want. Simply lead the way. 

  1. Furthermore, and the last sense around this region is this, “This is not the area for a house of prayer. The people are complacent. They are too comfortable. There is no openness.” 

And there we go. Within 24 hours of arriving we had a sense of this first town and region. We cross it off as a possibility. So far, led by process of elimination. 

[ UPDATE: We have recently been introduced and fellowshipped with a beautiful gathering of the Body of Christ who have been contending for revival and awakening in this area for some time. So, we shall see how the Lord leads and hold all our own ‘sensing’ with simply humility open to the Lord and the leading of the Spirit. ]

We have been in prayer of course, each day, couple times a day, as our own hearts and the spirit leads. There is a distinct pressing in of the Lord. A certain glory of his presence and of his great heart and will and love. We are resting in this. Abiding. Listening deeply. 

The next spot we move to on Wednesday. It’s to a first-come first-serve campsite farther north. There is a strong compelling and a deep peace, it feels right, and so we will venture forth on the right day and trust to find a campsite. We are hoping for #80 to be exact! ha. A bit too specific perhaps. We will be happy with whatever is provided and are planning to remain in that region for 5 days. 

But, all things by the Lord’s leading. We make our plans and the Lord leads our steps. 


Published by Cyndy Lavoie

Founding and Executive Director at Capturing Courage International Ministries.

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