July 12th: Discerning the Exact Timing

Once it became clear that I was to give up my apartment (it’s lease was ending June 30th) the thought of a three-month ministry time to seek out the general region for a possible house of prayer simply fell into place.

I’ve been navigating with the Lord in an intuitive and spirit-led way for some decades. I’ve learned that the Lord’s ways are higher and deeper and truer than anything I might come up with. “My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,” says the Lord. “And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine.” Isaiah 55:8

I encourage you to read the entire chapter of Isaiah 55. It is a profound gesture of the Lord’s hand extended to us in every way imaginable. Yet, far beyond what we can imagine.

We have learned to trust the Lord at Capturing Courage. We move with the explicit instruction, direction, and clarity of the Lord. And we are endeavouring to do the same again now, in sync with what God might want to do with and through us.

Because we know that our imaginations cannot contain the depth or breadth or heights of the Lord’s great love and plans for us we try to go with God’s thinking. Our own thinking is simply too small.

This thinking of the Lord comes to us as deep compelling often as an initially vague sense of a time or space or action. We hold these in open hands for months or years, waiting on further revelation of the Lord; inviting God to colour in-between the lines, to give further depth and understanding to our hearts and minds, or to nix it altogether.

And when the compelling won’t go away, when the sense to take action only grows stronger, when the idea is filled out and resonates even further, when the Lord pours in prophecy and courage, we bank on these words and heart of the Lord. Meaning, we literally put our lives onto the Lord, casting ourselves upon the Spirit of God, and embark forward.

So, I gave over the keys to my apartment June 30th. I’ve been staying at my dad’s (the family house) in the days since. And, there is a conviction to make this journey and unfolding of the Lord a public process. Meaning, I am to share it in real time, as close as possible.

It’s been a good time of helping with the yard and garden, of time with family, of good sleeps in fresh air (I’ve got a little tent on the deck) and a shifting and transition of heart, mind, and body for what is beginning to unfold. I give the Lord all the glory and honour and praise. We bless you Lord.

I think this means a weekly blog post (maybe two) as you are reading here. I’ll send this out on Monday mornings. It’ll be a mix of writing and of video. This is the plan. If you want these directly to your inbox then I suggest you go to the bottom of the home page and enter your email address in the space provided as ‘Join Our Testimony & Prayer’.

What we have found these last twelve years of Capturing Courage International Ministries is that the work and fellowship, the impact and investments, unfold before us as great beautiful gifts of the Lord. We are expecting the same here in the journeying forth unto Capturing Courage Canada – A House of Prayer.

I’ve lots of stories of this faithfulness of the Lord from years past and I’ll be weaving some of these into this present journey’s reporting, alongside the Lord unto a house of prayer.

The plan is that I and my Personal Aide (Armour Bearer) will leave on Saturday, July 17th, on a ferry to Vancouver Island. I was initially thinking I’d already be gone by today. But as I settled into my dads there was a dullness (it felt flat) to thoughts of leaving end of last week (I never move forward if it feels flat – the timing is not quite right in this). And now, in part, I know why. My travel was delayed to perfectly match the unfolding of a few distinct ‘miracles’ that now enable my PA to join me for the first weeks. This is a great consolation and encouragement to both of us.

In closing, let me recap the few things we know and on which we are embarking: 1. A House of Prayer (spoken to me by the Lord in early 2019), 2. On Vancouver Island, and 3. Established on an Ancient Well of the Spirit.

These are the primary things we begin with. We don’t know all of what it means. I had never heard the phrase, “Ancient well of the Spirit” until the Lord spoke it into my spirit last fall. A quick google search earlier this year did confirm that this is a thing! Fancy that. But, we’ve not done a lot of research or reading about this as we want to keep our minds as uncluttered as possible so that we can discern the Spirit’s leading. Again, God’s thoughts, not so much ours or others.

Additionally, we hold all things loosely. My post next week may be a ‘we have arrived on the island’ or it may be ‘we are not quite there yet’. God has everything for us but nothing need happen. We only want what God wants and what God gives; we (endeavour to) assume nothing but check in daily with the Spirit of our Living Lord.

Thanks for joining this journey!

“God, we invite you into our days. Be with us. You are all that we need. For everything flows from you. We abide in you God. Jesus, thank you for drawing us in to yourself even as you yourself are drawn in to the Father. Spirit, we bless you this day. Thank you for teaching us, leading us, giving us courage, and breaking forth among us each day. God, we love you, trust you, and know you to be good. Amen and amen.”


Published by Cyndy Lavoie

Founding and Executive Director at Capturing Courage International Ministries.

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